Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts

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Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts

“Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts is dedicated to helping learners of all cultural, ethnic, social, and language backgrounds fulfill their potential for creative artistic expression. While its main focus is developing artistic potential in the young, Lambda also involves local communities through specially developed programs, for learners of all ages, with emphasis on parent-child communication through discussions of the arts.

Lambda is founded on four main principles:

  • Everyone has artistic potential . The School recognizes that everyone has the capacity to express him- or herself artistically, in some particular domain.
  • Differences among people must be respected. The School recognizes that individuals differ widely from one another in their artistic potential. These differences exist because artistic potential involves many elements, and each element has its own time course of development.
  • Helping people achieve their artistic potential is desirable in its own right. The School recognizes that, regardless of people’s life goals, it is normal, healthy, and highly desirable for everyone to develop his or her artistic potential to the highest possible level.
  • Forms of artistic expression exist in rich historical and cultural contexts. No form of artistic expression exists in a vacuum. Each lives in a historical and cultural context and has important connections to other forms of artistic expression.The School is strongly committed to exposing students to the full richness of these connections through separate programs designed for that purpose.”

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