Laval Children’s Museum

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Laval Children’s Museum

“Haven’t we all uttered these words, dreaming of what the future holds for us?

Here’s a unique opportunity for you, parents and teachers, to have all the children enjoy a truly fun learning experience.

The Musée pour Enfants de Laval invites you to follow the road to discovery by observing the day-to-day world of humans. Through entertaining and educational workshops, little children and those not so little will discover a multitude of trades and professions.

Welcome to our look at the world of humans!

The museum is mainly designed for kids from 2 to 8 years old, accompanied by a parent or an educator.”

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  • Our 3 and 1 year old had a lot of fun here. We spent hours singing, dancing, and touching everything in sight. I would recommend The Children’s Museum to anyone wanting a day filled with fun!

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