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“From the start, my vision for Marineland® was to create an interactive facility where people would be able to get as close to animals as possible. I strongly believe that the only way for people to really develop an understanding and deep appreciation for animals is for them to be able to get close to these wonderful creatures. Many years of experience and observation allowed me to see that, in general, people are fascinated by animals and have a great desire to learn about them.

The overwhelmingly positive response we received from guests when we introduced Friendship Cove® in 1998 confirmed my beliefs and observations. Guests tell us that being able to get so close to the killer whales is just a dream come true. Encouraged by this feedback, we decided to introduce, Arctic CoveTM, an interactive whale habitat that is designed to allow guests the opportunity to touch, feed and learn to better appreciate another unique and special marine mammal – the beluga whale. Parents have told us that the contact with the marine mammals and trainers have inspired their children to declare their desire to pursue a career in marine mammal studies.

I have dedicated my life to developing one of the world’s best facilities for animal and marine mammal care, where guests can learn about animals through an exciting mix of entertainment and education. Marineland staff members and I consider each Marineland animal resident a member of the family. I will spare no expense when it comes to the health and well being of the animals in my care.

I invite you to visit Marineland where you will meet and learn about some of the most magnificent creatures with whom we share this planet.


John Holer
President and Owner

Marineland of Canada Inc.”


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