Santa’s Village

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Santa’s Village


  • bulletTo give small children during the summer the chance to experience the magic of meeting with Santa while parents look on.
  • bulletTo offer parents and children the opportunity to come close to, identify and become friendly with animals by petting and feeding them.
  • bulletTo provide an opportunity for parents and children to participate in action-oriented activities and to live in a fantasy world for a while. To discover new sensations: new discoveries will give children a chance to go beyond their capacities, to master their little fears and to have fun. Admit it, isn’t this really more fun than watching TV?
  • bulletTo provide a secure wooded area and open spaces where the only sounds are: Christmas music, parent’s and children’s laughter and animal calls…loud city noises are more than 100 km away !
  • bulletIn shaded areas enjoy a home-made lunch or you can buy healthy food from our newly renovated Snack-Bar”.
  • bulletAt the end of a pleasant day, the children will be “played-out”. Driving back to town will be a lot easier ! And all of this at a very reasonable cost !

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