The Électrium, Hydro-Québec’s Electricity Interpretation Centre: Hydro-Québec

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The Électrium, Hydro-Québec’s Electricity Interpretation Centre: Hydro-Québec

“Electricity made accessible!

For the past twenty years, the Électrium has helped visitors better understand electricity in a fun and dynamic way.

Would you like to explore the electrical environment we live in? Would you and your family like to learn about science and electricity? Do you want to make interesting and surprising discoveries? Take one of the Électrium’s guided tours and learn about the role of electricity in the human body and in nature, find out about lightning and the electric eel, follow the path of electrons, explore the laws of physics and take the mystery out of electric and electromagnetic fields.

Again this year, we have new exhibits: an interactive display lets you test your reflexes and beat records; an animated film invites you to help the Sansouci family use energy more wisely, videos teach you about renewable energies, hydropower stations and the history of electricity in Québec. And our younger visitors will enjoy the films created with them in mind: Follow the Line and Go ReNEWable.

Entertaining and educational discoveries await you, rain or shine!”

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