Toto n Dot

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Toto n Dot

“Toto n Dot opened in 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, and today we are happy to serve you at 3 locations in Canada! A company with both local sensibility and international scope, we have quickly become an established provider of quality children’s footwear and clothing from newborns to teens.

Toto n Dot carries products that combine function, value and style. We travel the world in search of the highest quality craftsmanship and materials for our customers. These two criteria are paramount to us when making our selections for you. From the classic to the ultra-fashionable & funky, be it for everyday or a special occasion, at Toto n Dot you will always find shoes and garments that your children will simply adore!”

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    4930B Sherbrooke West
    Montreal, QC H3Z 1H3
    T: 514.488.6060

    1068 Laurier West
    Montreal QC H2V 2K8
    T: 514.439.3661

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